Fashion Trends for Fall

Fashion Trends for Fall

Fall is just over a month away, bringing with it cooler temperatures, beautiful colors and brand new fall fashions.  So it’s time to head over to your favorite online clothing boutique that has the latest designer fashions for women and suit up for fall.  So what staples do you need in your closet for fall this year?  Check out this video for some hot fashion trends for fall.


Scarves are a must have for fall!  Take a brightly colored scarf and brighten up that dark colored coat and outfit.  Scarves are a great way to brighten up your outfit and you can totally change your look by changing your scarf.  Whether you want a flowing scarf to compliment your outfit or an incredibly soft cashmere scarf to keep you warm during the winter months both can make a bold statement.

Fashion Trends for Fall

Amazing Boots

Fall fashions are never complete without a cute pair of boots or two.  Boots are perfect for fall and winter months, they are a staple for a night out or just to liven up your outfit.  The first pair you need are a nice pair of riding boots, they look fabulous with jeans, tights or dresses.  A nice pair of ankle high booties with a fantastic heel, they work perfect with any cut of pants.  You can wear them to work and for a night out with the girls.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are always a fall staple.  Neutral colors may sound boring but far from it, it really depends what you pair it with.  Take blacks, browns, greys, and warm tans can all be weaved throughout your wardrobe.  You can combine these colors with virtually anything and look polished and professional.  For a more funky evening look throw in a floral print.

Yellow and Dusty Pink Coats

As much as we love the tans, sometimes a girl needs a little pink to stand out from the crowd.  Take a bright yellow or dusty pink three quarter length coat and make it your go to coat this season.  Yellow and pink are all over the place this fall!  If you’re not brave enough to sport a bright yellow coat, swap it out for a bright yellow scarf.

So make your way over to your favorite online shopping haven and see what trends are on their front page.  Fall is just a few short weeks away and it’s time for a new style to kick off the season. Check out the womens clothing designer BB Dakota jacket line, it has some amazing coats for this year.


Shopping at an Online Fashion Boutique

Shopping at an Online Fashion Boutique

What sets shopping at an online fashion boutique apart from every other clothing store on the internet?  What makes it a place you want to shop at?  Every budding fashionista turns to the internet to get good deals on their favorite brands.  How do you recognize a boutique that you can shop safely at and still find clothes and accessories that you love.

Here are some things you should look at before you make a purchase:


One of the best parts of online shopping is definitely the money and time that you save.  You can get discounts of up to 85% on some of your favorite labels.  But beware, there is also some less than reputable sites out there too.  Discounts are one thing, but you’re not going to get a Louis Vuitton handbag for $40 either.  So if a deal looks too good to be true…it probably is.  Online boutiques, just like a regular clothing store, have a sale section where you will get the best deals.


Security is something we very rarely think about but it is very heavily regulated for eCommerce stores.  You do not want bad guys getting hold of your personal information.  There should be a safety seal indicating they are adhering to security protocols.  Always check your address bar for https, especially when you get to the checkout process.  If you are shopping at a well known store like Macy’s you should be just fine.


PayPal is the leading provider of online payments, you can pay with all major credit cards without having to have your own PayPal account.  They also give you the options of echecks, and debit transactions and if you’re shopping in another country PayPal will take care of the currency transactions.

PayPal will never share your information and if you make a large purchase you’re protected by PayPal protection.  You will find big retailers, like Amazon or again Macy’s that don’t accept PayPal.  Boutiques stores generally will accept PayPal along with Google checkout, both you can feel comfortable with.

Store Front and Features

The store front says a lot about the company, it should be colorful and grab your attention.  There should be lots of information, remember this is like meeting someone for the first time so they should make an impression on you.  It should be easy to navigate around with some basic information that’s easy to find.  Every boutique should have contact information and not just an email address, company information along with the legalese (terms/privacy etc).

The Clothes

This is the most important part and why you’re on their site in the first place.  Look for boutiques that have unique clothing, shoes, handbags and beautiful fashion collections.  You don’t want to find the same things you can get at the mall….unless the discount is really good. The clothes should be laid clearly and with good pictures and a sizing chart.  You can’t try clothes on when you buy them online so you should be able to determine your size.

These are all things you should look for before you spend your money shopping at an online boutique, you want the transaction to go smoothly and you’re happy with your purchases.